Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Social Media Tools for Your Business

What does it all mean?

There is Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, and all kinds of new and up coming social media outlets that businesses should be starting to cash in on.

But lets all face it -- these sites can be confusing. Whenever I want to put myself in the position of a client who may not know much about the social media field, I just sit down and talk to my husband about it.

He doesn't work in the field, and often doesn't want to hear about anything over and above Facebook because he just doesn't get it. That is ok! Not everyone has to!

The best part of working in this kind of capacity is most of the time business owners who may be confused about all this mumbo jumbo don't need to sit down and spend days learning it either. You just hire someone to do it for you!

Let's start with Instagram and how it could be helpful to your business! This photography app was voted the #1 app in 2011, and for good reason. It is everywhere!

Companies from your local mom and pop cafe, all the way to GE are using it to showcase their products in an artistic way. People want to follow businesses and see new products, or their special for the week in a unique new way. Especially if they can open it up in an app they use with their friends and family as well.

Remember -- A picture is worth a thousand words!

Then there is Pinterest!

While Pinterest may not be appropriate for some businesses, the same kind of visual appeal applies.

Essentially the idea of Pinterest is an online virtual pinboard where people can post products, blog posts, basically anything that has a URL and photo or video file attached to it, and share with people who they follow, or follow them.

In recent months, it has been becoming more popular in the world of social media because of the ability of Pinterest to drive large traffic numbers to websites, whether they are business or blogs.

Marketing tool or not, it is causing waves in social media and working for companies!

Google + is the new face of social media
communities. Some say it will take the place the use of Facebook, some say it will lose steam eventually just like Myspace did. But in the mean time companies are jumping on board with their own profiles to reach out to customers, clients and fans.

The best part of Google + is you can pick and choose who you want to share postings with. So for example if you have a circle of clients for a certain project, you can put them into a "circle" and share postings only with them.

Or if you want to share a posting with everyone, you can simply make it "public" and anyone who is following you, or looks you up on Google + can see it. Sounds pretty complex but it is probably one of the most simple social media hubs to manage today.

No matter what avenue of social media you are choosing today, there is going to be a crowd that is going to jump on board and follow your company!